Introducing the Ticket Application System

Introducing the Ticket Application System – A Blog Repost from January 2016

In January 2016 we introduced a change in how we organise our TEDx events – we introduced the ticket application system. Below we’ve shared some thoughts by one of our previous Project Managers, Andrei Masca, regarding the introduction of this application system. Please have a read for an explanation of why we do things this way!

January 2016

TEDxUniversityofGlasgow – Ideas Worth Catalysing


” It is the third year when the TEDxUniversityofGlasgow conference will be held at our university, and signs are that it is going to be an auspicious one yet! The main goals of the conference up to this point were to organise a great event and find the brightest minds around to speak in front of our ever-excited audience. Having managed these tasks already, our third edition aspires and wants to achieve more.

If you’ve tried to purchase a ticket in the last years, chances are you didn’t get one. This is not due to one’s merits as much as it is down to an internet connection or not being in front of a computer when they went on sale. In a sense, it’s very much like a lottery. When demand is too big for the amount supplied, someone’s bound to be disappointed. This year, we want to bring a solution to this issue, yet one whose fruits will be even more apparent next year, or even the year after.

To attend an official TED conference, apart from having to shell out a few thousand *insert currency*, one also has to fill in an application form explaining why they want to be at the conference, what they want to take away from it, as well as how they are going to put it into action. Some events are invite only. As exclusive as that looks and in fact is, it’s done with a purpose: they want the people who will be able to take as much away from the conference as possible, connect with other creatives, doers, and influencers, and create a change in the world for everyone to benefit. The Illuminati and the Bildenberg Group might not tick the last box.

Demand, capacity, talent pool, and availabilities being considered, the same model makes sense for our conference as well. The point is not to be “the exclusive event on campus,” but to act with the same sense of purpose as TED does, not just in the sense of “Ideas Worth Spreading,” but also in catalysing those ideas into reaching the real world and having an impact. As a result, we will also be putting out a short application form, open for a full month and for everyone to access, as well as sending out invitations to prominent figures connected with our university. Apart from that, we will make considerable efforts to integrate staff and alumni in the audience so as to provide a more diverse experience for everyone, and to also cater to a section of our institution who have so far been (not intentionally) left out. For exclusive first access to the application process for the conference, follow the link at end of the blog.

The ramifications of this change are significant. The primary goal of this solution that I mentioned before is to raise the capacity of our conference. (TEDxGlasgow’s last conference hosted 600 attendees, so why shouldn’t we?) This means that more of us will be able to attend and benefit from the conference in the future, and by that same path, we will become the most impactful TEDxUniversityof… conference, if not in the UK, for now, in Scotland. Other than that, raising the status of our conference will give us access to more prominent speakers (anyone thinking about our rector?) and will enable us to showcase the world-changers at our university.

I could go on about this for at least another page, but I’ve already gone too far. Applications open today, 26th of January, and close on Saturday, 26th of February, at midnight. We promise to keep the application short and to the point, and, as ever, to do our very best in order to serve everyone at The University of Glasgow.

If anyone has any concerns, or wants to discuss this any further, please shoot me an email at and I will do my best to clarify any concerns, hopes, doubts, wishes, or questions you might have. ”


Apply for a ticket for the Annual TEDxUniversityofGlasgow Conference:




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