Who are we?

‘Who’ is TEDxUofG

Some of you may wonder who turns the working dials of TEDxUniversityofGlasgow. Perhaps you are curious about what it is, exactly, that we do. Maybe you are planning to apply for one of our Brand Ambassador positions and you would like to see your future TEDx teammates. Whatever stimulates your curiosity, hopefully this post will give you a little insight into what we do, who we are, and what makes us tick.

Throughout the year, we work in six sub-teams to bring together our main annual conference. We also organise Salon events for the University of Glasgow community. Each team has character as well as some characters within it! Let’s have a closer look at the team and why each of us became so interested in TEDxUofG.


Management Team

What do we do?

Unsurprisingly, Management coordinates all other teams to prepare for the fast approaching Conference in March. Perhaps more surprisingly however, this team is also often responsible for organising potlucks, retreats, and team games too.


Emelie – Project Manager

  • ‘I joined TEDx because of the people I meet while working with TEDxUniversityofGlasgow. We are from different countries, schools, and walks of life and yet, I have not felt more belonging in any other group.’


Camilla – Project Manager Assistant

  • ‘I have been in love with TED talks since I saw Hans Rosling’s Global Population Growth talk in February 2006.’


Operations Team

What do we do?

The Operations Team is behind the execution of the Conference itself. You can thank this team for organizing the venue, the tickets, and the tasty food. This team also agrees upon audience activities at the Conference.


Kaitlin – Operations Coordinator

  • ‘I joined TEDx to not only meet new people, but the thought of creating the conference from scratch, by incorporating the ideas of so many different people, excited me.’


Teresa – Brand Ambassador Coordinator

  • ‘I joined TEDxUofG because I love the way it brings together people with different backgrounds and allows us to learn from each other.’

ameer-funAmeer – Strategy Advisor

  • ‘I have been hugely impressed with the development of the society at Glasgow. I am excited to be behind the scenes this year and eagerly anticipate what I’m sure will be the biggest conference yet’


Partnership Team

What do we do?

The Partnership team works on recruiting sponsors for the TEDxUofG conference. This team works hard to collaborate and form partnerships with internal and external bodies to ensure a brilliant and engaging event.


Ernest – Partnerships Coordinator

  • ‘I love team work and TEDx is “the table” to which everyone can bring in their expertise and original ideas!’


Sigrid – Finance Coordinator

  • ‘I joined TEDx because I believed it was a unique chance to challenge myself and meet new people in a fun and friendly environment.’


 Jodi – Partnership and Finance Assistant

  • ‘After going along to the last conference as an audience member and being SO impressed by what students had managed to pull off, I really wanted to get involved.’


Alexa – Exhibition Headhunter

  • ‘I really enjoyed the first few events that the TEDxUniversityofGlasgow held on campus last year, so I stayed an active member this year as well.’


Content Team

What do we do?

The Content Team has the spectacularly rewarding position of selecting and preparing conference speakers. It is this team that has the privilege of working with awe inspiring presenters and assisting in the development of unforgettable talks.


Trudy – Content Coordinator

  • ‘I accidently met two lovely members of the TEDxUofG team 2017, who had convinced me to get involved and I had convinced them that they wanted me on the team.’


Lovisa – Speaker Manager

  • ‘Last year I was a speaker at the conference, and I was so humbled by the drive and professionalism of the team, that I was itching to become one of the organisers.’


Celine – Audience Coordinator

  • ‘I wanted to join an ambitious project team wherein everyone depends on each other.’


Marketing Team

What do we do?

The Marketing Team works to realize the image of TEDxUniversityofGlasgow and to increase the visibility of our brand, both on and outside campus. This team is also responsible for the visual aspects, the logos, the posters, the videos – and of course, this blog!


Réka -Marketing and Communications Coordinator

‘TEDx is great and TEDxUofG is super great! Bringing the brand to the UofG community is an exciting work experience, with plenty of learning opportunities.’


Kati – Visual Coordinator

  • ‘I joined TEDx because I loved the idea of organising a big event with a lot of people from various backgrounds.’


Alasdair – Web Publisher/Designer

  • ‘I joined the team to meet people with fantastic ideas and work on creative projects.’


Reilly – Story Teller

  • ‘I wanted to get involved with a group of people that are excited to talk about possibilities, laugh, and work with each other to create ideas worth spreading.’

Bálint – Photographer/Videographer

  • ‘I joined TEDxUofG to become friends with some great and motivated people, to learn more about teamwork, and – last but not least – to support the inspiration and motivation that TEDx talks have to offer.’


Salon Team

What do we do?

The Salon Team coordinates mini-conferences and screenings throughout the year. These talks, although smaller, continue to communicate grand and thought provoking ideas. The Salon Team is also responsible for the Launch Party and the Open Auditions.


Miho -TEDxUofGSalon Coordinator

  • ‘I joined the team to meet new people, and to do something that isn’t related to animals (I am studying to become a vet).’


Xavier – TEDxUofGSalon Assistant Coordinator

  • ‘I joined TEDx to meet good people, spread worthy ideas and learn a bunch along the way.’


Disa – TEDxUofGSalon Marketing Coordinator

  • ‘I have always been fascinated by how TED talks are able to inspire and teach people about a subject or discipline in only 18 minutes.’



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