Salon Event: Humans Need Not Apply

TEDxUniveristyofGlasgow Salon Team is hosting a mini conference this Tuesday, the 10th of October. The conference will focus on the advancement and implications of artificial intelligence. Take a look at the speaker lineup:

Can robots read our minds?

– Dr Alessandro Vinciarelli

Technology has come a long way, and its potential is even further reaching. The computing community has made great strides in developing automatic forms of social intelligence. This has included imitating and emulating human cognition – understanding social interactions. Of course, technological advancement often coexists with a conundrum of problems. Dr Alessandro Vinciarelli will focus on explaining the technological issues while expanding on the potential prospect of automated social intelligence.


Dr Alessandro Vinciarelli is an acclaimed Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, Additionally, Dr Vinciarelli is a Senior Researcher at the Idia Research Institute and co-founder of the webcasting company, Klewel ( He has over numerous published works and has researched in a variety of fields including Social Signal Processing, Personality Computing, Automatic Understanding of Nonverbal Behaviour, and Machine Learning.

Engines of Creation: A Future Written for Us but Without Us

– Katerina Manoli, Moral Philosopher

Have you ever heard of ‘rise of the robots?’ Maybe you’re someone who fears this happening in a not too distant future. Many of us have watched those dystopian movies where Artificial Intelligence surpasses human intelligence. But what if AI didn’t need to think like us to outdo us? Is this dystopian future fast approaching? Katerina Manoli discusses the potentiality for machines to read minds and what implications this cognitive acuteness may have in working life.


Katerina Manoli is a 4th year Philosophy Student at the University of Glasgow. She spent her summer researching Artificial Intelligence ethics and safety at Donders institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour.

The Robotic Revolution

– Alexandre Cohen, President of the Robotics Society

Have you ever considered that your future co-worker might be a robot? Alexandre Cohen illuminates the relationship between automation and today’s world. He discusses the prospect of robots in occupational work. Cohen examines the potential for automation to sustain the ever growing human race.


Alexandre Cohen is a third year Mechatronics student at the University of Glasgow. He is also the president of the University’s Robotics Society. Cohen has been a team leader in ‘The Flash-line Follower’ robotics challenge in 2016 and the ‘R2-T2’ Eurobot UK and Eurobot World Final. On the GU Robotics Society’s website (2017), Cohen states that his mission is to ‘make robotics available and accessible to anyone, regardless of their degree.’

GU Robotics Society (2017) Alexander Cohen, President [website]. Retrieved from

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