Happy holidays from us to you!

It’s that time of year again! The rain has turned to – well – colder rain. The wind has turned to icy gusts, and the sky has turned silver with stars (when it’s not cloudy or rainy). So, just like us here at TEDxUniversityofGlasgow, you’ve probably noticed that it’s winter. And when it’s cold outside its always such a gift when you’re warm inside! Now, we’re not just talking about the inside of a cosy house, or sauna, or the wonderfully well heated botanical gardens – although those places are pretty great! No, we’re talking about an inside warmth, inside each of us.

With the holiday season here, it’s a great time to press pause and remember the importance of giving back. When it’s cold and dark out, it’s important for us to generate our own warmth, to illuminate the people around us with smiles and laughter. The world hums this time of year, with the ringing of cash registers, the swish of credit cards, and the jingling of change. However, the TEDxUniversityofGlasgow team invites you to remember that gratitude is a wonderful gift. So from us to you, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our posts, to meet our speakers, and to share your ideas. We thank you for being a part of our TEDxUniversityofGlasgow community.

We wish you a great holiday season!


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